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Ecommerce shopping cart buyers guide

There are many important aspects involved when choosing a shopping cart solution for your Ecommerce website. When deciding on a cart solution, ask yourself the following questions:


The Cart

  • Is it best practice? Is it secure, and trust worthy?
  • Does it look good? Can any design be applied?
  • Is it flexible to cater for you unique needs?
  • Does it keep up with the times? Is it utilising social networking methods to drive traffic and enticing customer participation?
  • Can it project your credibility they way you would like?


The Admin Panel

  • Is it quick and easy to update your shop?
  • Can you export your data for your own backups?
  • Can you import product data easily?
  • Can custom fields be added to describe your products more accurately? (e.g. ISBN and author details for books, or technical specifications for digital cameras)
  • Can product variations be offered easily?
  • Does it give you meaningful reports?
  • Do you orders print out packing slips?


Hosting and technology

  • Is the hosting reliable, fast, secure and scalable?
  • Is it built on a well supported framework?


A Cow Command solution caters to all of the above.

When evaluating a shopping cart solution - remember to put everything in perspective. Many older solutions tie you in to their way of page layout, product structure, and many more restrictive practices. You need a forward thinking solution - that is flexible, extensible, and keeping up with the times.