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Optimised for search engines

Cow Command sites are optimised automatically for search engine bots to index your site. In a Cow Command shopping cart, all the classic search engine optimisation tips are taken care of:

  • Each product gets its own detail page
  • Page titles are suited for search engine listings straight out of the box
  • Sitemaps are automatically generated
  • Friendly URLs
  • Page meta keywords and descriptions are automatically applied, on a product by product basis, category by category.


In addition to the automatic optimisation, a managed solution from Cow Command also ensures repeat visits from search engine bots through:

  • Relevant content
  • Fresh and up to date content
  • Reviewing of product content, identifiying needed updates
  • Recommendations
  • Suppliment strategies
    • Blogs
    • Links
  • Expert adivce from professionals who have been in the industry before Google started!


Other options and advice included to get you further ahead:

  • Recommendations on Google Adwords campaigns
  • Free Google Analytics setup and consultation
  • Conversion tracking