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Product Presentation

Good product presentation catches a potential customers eye. Cow Command sites excel at giving store owners a multitude of options in product presentation, whether it be multi product views, videos, comprehensive information and powerful options for product variations.

But it doesn't stop there. We want you to sell to the best of your ability - so our experts give professional advice on your individual product pages and how they could be improved. If you're selling clothes - can they be shown better in pictures by models? If you're selling cameras, can the customer see every angle of the device? Can photo quality be improved? Is there enough information? Is there too much information? Is the product enticing, or does it have the appropriate upselling or cross selling in place?

We believe product presentation to be a huge aspect of selling online. We want you to get it right - and we'll do everything possible to do so.

  • Multiple views
  • No annoying (or blocked) pop ups
  • Let your customers research features, benefits and specifications
  • Share with friends on social networks, or email
  • Cow Command continually researches better methods of presentation