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Buyers Guide

A unique and highly valuable addition to the Cow Command shopping cart platform, the integrated Buyers Guide allows store owners to educate customers to a more informative product choice.

The buyers guide is an integral part of your ecommerce store assistance strategy. It serves as a knowledge base of information that a consumer can easily search through, and it's more than just an F.A.Q., it's a complete library encompassing all the great info on why you started a store in the first place. As an expert in your field - the Buyers Guide empowers you to show your customers why you're the best store to buy from.

With the buyers guide module you can:


  • Build a complete knowledge library about everything in your store.
  • Link products to buyers guide articles for intelligent recommendations.
  • Allow customers to easily search for more detailed information.
  • Connect with customers on a more informative level.
  • Build a rich content base, great for search engines to crawl through and more reason to index your site higher.
Need to tell your customers the difference between Plasma and LCD? Want to educate consumers on the finer points of amino acids? Or show how one pool cleaning chemical is better than others in certain instances? The integrated Buyers Guide module helps you show your expertise, builds trust and confidence in consumers and should be a logical inclusion to your ecommerce site.
  • Help your customers make the right decisions
  • Inform, engage, and give reason for return business
  • Link products to rich information easily
  • An easy to use tool to help compose rich content, excellent for search engine indexing
  • Give valuable information on specifics of your product range. In depth info on materials, ingredients, techniques or how to use an item